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Official NBA Defense Song for the Cleveland Cavaliers - YouTube

The current Defense song In Cleveland Ohio at the Cleveland Cavaliers Arena "THE Q"

Defense Chants Compilation (10 years on YouTube) - YouTube

I uploaded my first YouTube video 10 years ago today. I have always had a fascination with rewatching old NBA games and I decided to share highlights from my...

NBA 2010-2011 DEFENSE! Song - YouTube

DEFENSE! GO NUGGETS! Lyrics: Defense! Defense! Defense! The Defense Is The Back Bone, Hey! Lets Get Our Energy Going At The Defensive End,We Playin De...

New York Knicks Defense Chant 2000s Organ Extended - YouTube

Enjoy and subscribe!Knicks “Hold On I’m Coming” Organ https://youtu.be/VvghLzdol-M

Boston Celtics Defense Songs - YouTube

Who doesn’t love to play DEFENSE

The 25 biggest NBA arena anthems of all time | Yardbarker

Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop” is one of those songs. Since it came out in 2010, it’s had a role in NBA arenas. Dubstep may not be your thing, but you don’t have to listen to a whole song.

Best Basketball Chants to Scream Out Loud for Your Favorite ...

CHANTS FOR DEFENSE. D-E-F-E-N-S-E Defense, Get hot, Block the shot! We want ball, Get that ball, And go, go, go! Come on, Come on A-T-T-A-C-K Get that ball! S-H-O-O-T Shoot it, P-A-A-S Pass it, Come on Panthers’ Score it! Up goes the ball, Touches the rim, Take the rebound, And make us win! We want more, Clap ,clap, clap Raise the score, Clap, clap, clap We want more!

Ten Most Overplayed Sports Arena Songs (with Music) | Up on ...

This particular song -- a cover of the 1968 Tommy James and the Shondells classic -- has been used to utter exhaustion, as is the case for the remaining songs on this list.

15 songs that are always used in sporting montages | JOE is ...

Any band - Their most famous song but performed by a choir Used when: You probably know the new trend for montages and trailers by now. Simply take an iconic song and let a choir cover it.