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Handball Courts have a centered Goal Keeper Line at 4.37’ (4 m) from the goal, followed by a penalty mark at 22.97’ (7 m). The Goal Area, or D-Zone, is placed at a radius of 19.69’ (6 m) from the corner of the goal, with the larger Free Throw Line beyond at a radius of 29.53’ (9 m).

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The main dimensions and markings for the Team Handball Court consist of the following major elements. The indoor court has a hard surface. All lines are 5 centimeters (2 inches) thick; the only exception is the goal line, which is 8 centimeters (3 inches) thick. All lines must be prominent and of the same color.

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The Free Shot Line on handball court. The free throw line (9-meter line) is a broken line, drawn 3 meters outside the goal-area line. Both the segments of the line and the spaces between them measure 15cm. The Handball 7-Meter Line . The 7-metre line is a 1-meter long line, directly in front of the goal. It is parallel to the goal line and 7 meters away from it.

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Marking the handball court can take in excess of one hour. Ample time must be provided to ensure proper setup. All court lines (Diagram #1) in handball are referred to by their measurement in meters. Goal Area Line The most significant line on the court is the six-meter (19 ft, 8 1/4 in) line or goal area line. Goal Area

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Handball marking marking Youth Handball drills, session plan, lesson plans and practices ... Handball court easy marking plan. ... Official On-line Coaching Partner.

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Quadra Markings. The 7 meters of each goal mark is a marking, which is called a marking 7 meters. When a player is attacking and suffers a more serious foul, the referee signals a maximum penalty, which is marked in that mark. A little closer to the goal, inside the goalkeeper’s area, is the marking 4 meters.

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The court is marked with lines that belong to the areas of which they are boundaries. The two longer boundary lines are called side lines. The two shorter boundary lines are called goal lines, although there is no line between the goalposts. The goal area lines are 6m from and parallel to the goal line.

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The official size of handball pitch dimensions should measure 20 metres (width) x 40 metres (length). All handball court markings should be prominent and of the same color. Handball court dimensions in metres should have line markings which are 5 centimetres (2 inches) thick.