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How to say soccer in Chinese - WordHippo

Here's how you say it. Chinese Translation. 足球. Zúqiú. More Chinese words for soccer. 足球 noun. Zúqiú football. Find more words!

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The pronunciation in pinyin is written tīzúqiúor ti1zu2qiu2. Here the english translation of that chinese word and audio file (mp3). English Translation. play football. play soccer. tīzúqiú. 踢. tī. 足.

How to say "play soccer" in Chinese - WordHippo

How to say play soccer in Chinese. play soccer. Chinese Translation. 踢足球. Tī zúqiú. More Chinese words for play soccer. 踢 verb. Tī kick, punt, play football, lash out.

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Various forms of Romanized Chinese: Soccer: サッカ: sakka / saka: Soccer Football Futbol: 足球: zú qiú / zu2 qiu2 / zu qiu / zuqiu: tsu ch`iu / tsuchiu / tsu chiu: Soccer Football Futbol: 蹴球: shuu kyuu / shuukyuu / shu kyu / shukyu: Football Futbol: フットボール: futto bouru

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Pronunciation: How to pronounce "football (soccer) hooliganism". Translation Mobile. 足球流氓. "football" in Chinese : n. 1.足球〔美国通常指橄榄球〕,足球运动,足球的球。. ... "soccer" in Chinese : n. 〔口语〕英式足球 (=football, asso ... "football hooliganism" in Chinese : 足球流氓.

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踢足球 ( ti zuqiu / tī zúqiú ) (English translation: "to play football") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English meaning

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To help you talk about this huge event with your Chinese colleagues or friends, here are 25 useful vocabulary words for talking about soccer/football in Chinese: 球场 – qiú chǎng pitch/field 球员 – qiú yuán player 教练 – jiào liàn coach 前场 – qián chǎng front field 中场 – zhōng chǎng midfield 后场 – hòu chǎng backfield