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Law 14 - The Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is awarded if a player commits a direct free kick offence inside their penalty area or off the field as part of play as outlined in Laws 12 and 13. A goal may be scored directly from a penalty kick. Procedure. The ball must be stationary on the penalty mark and the goalposts, crossbar and goal net must not be moving.

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CoachingAmericanSoccer.com®. In soccer, a “ penalty kick ” is awarded if a player (defender) ...

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Penalty-kick Rules. Any encroachment penalties on a kick shall be kicked forward a lot with encroaching. Fifa is considering abolishing rebounds from penalties If rules. Feinting to kick drop ball thought the kicker has completed the run-up feinting in the spell-up is permitted the referee cautions the kicker.

Encroachment at penalty kicks: how to handle as football referee

If, before the ball is in play, one of the following occurs: the player taking the penalty kick or a team-mate infringes the Laws of the Game: if the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken if the ball does not enter the goal, the referee stops play and restarts with an indirect free kick except for the follo

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The laws of the game prohibit encroaching on a penalty kick whether it is an attacking player or defending player. The keeper is supposed to remain on the line until the kick is taken but in practice this is a loose interpretation; movement off the line is common.


In point of fact, players from both teams enter the penalty area in both Clip 1 and Clip 2 from Week in Review 23. While the encroachment by these players is clearly against the procedure mandated in Law 14, the referee is allowed to exercise discretion and determine whether the encroachment has had an effect on the kick. In these two cases, the answer for the referees on those games was that the infringement was trifling and had no effect.

Law 14 - The Penalty Kick

The goalkeeper is allowed to move from side to side on the goal line before the kick is taken. The goalkeeper is not allowed to move off the goal line before the kick is taken. Procedure. Like all free kicks, the penalty kick taker may not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player.

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Encroachment in the Penalty Box. When players are taking a penalty kick, all other players must be outside the box (including the arch on the box). Players who enter the box or arc and have a clear impact on the outcome of the kick are encroaching. According to the Premier League,

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